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Mission Statement

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At Road To Responsibility - Making Lives Better

RTR's mission is to provide the means, the opportunity and the support necessary to allow citizen's with disabilities to take their place as productive members of the community. Through residential, work/employment, day habilitation and other day supports we strive to offer the basic elements necessary to enrich and sustain our citizen's lives. RTR takes pride in the quality of the services we provide. RTR's commitment to provide services to individuals with complex, emotional, behavioral and medical needs has been the hallmark of our core services and represents our core values as we believe that anyone's life can be enriched and improved so long as they receive the proper supports. To meet the diverse needs of those we serve, RTR develops customized services that are flexible, effective and person-centered. A strong team approach that leverages the unique strengths of each individual, the support of their family and the resources of their communities helps us to support them through the vicissitudes of life while trying to overcome the personal issues that they face in an efficient, positive manner. RTR is also committed to provide services that recognize the complexity of individuals and can adapt to their shifting needs as they move through the life span.

Making Lives Better...One Person at a Time


Road To Responsibility, Inc. (RTR) was founded in 1988 with the overarching belief that individuals with developmental, emotional and behavioral challenges deserve to have full, rich and rewarding lives in the community. As such, we are committed to providing services that are stimulating, effective and integrated. We also strive to act as leaders in the communities we serve to create opportunities for these individuals and to advocate for them by providing information to the general public and, most importantly, by ensuring that our consumers are truly living in the community through typical daily activities, memberships and relationships. There is no better way to combat myths, stereotypes and misunderstanding than through direct interaction.

Given this core belief, participants in any of the primary services we provide get regular opportunities to be involved in community activities. These reflect the interests, needs and beliefs of the individuals themselves. In so doing, they are assisted in the ongoing process of creating lives that are rich, varied and inclusive...Lives that are worth living.

We are proud to serve them by facilitating this process...To be MAKING LIVES BETTER; One person at a time.