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Opportunities for Positive Transitional Services

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Opportunities for Positive Transitional Services (OPTS)


Making Lives Better.  It is our motto; our Mission; and, our drive.  RTR’s Opportunities for Positive Transitional Services (OPTS) strive to achieve this through meaningful, enriching integration in the larger community.  This service model is all about exploring the interests of our participants while also teaching them skills to help them lead lives that are as independent, healthy and fulfilling as possible. Opportunities for Positive Transitional Services (OPTS) take place both in typical community settings as well as in center-based settings, depending on the activity. 


At RTR, key elements of independence involve working to one’s highest capacity, adopting a healthy lifestyle to allow a given person to live a long and productive life and social-emotional skills to allow for meaningful, effective social and work relationships to be formed.  As such, we strive to weave all of these elements into the various activities people participate in on a daily basis.  No two days are exactly the same, which is one of the beauties of OPTS at RTR!


Work-Related Skills:  RESPECT.  Many, if not most, of the people participating in our OPTS programs are either engaged in some form of work already or have goals to obtain employment in the future.  As such, our OPTS programs seek to further the employment-related goals and options for those we serve.  Volunteerism, resume development, mock-interviews, and activities designed to teach and enhance appropriate workplace social skills are incorporated into the curriculum.


Healthy Lifestyle:  CHOICE.  As people live longer establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance.  The longer a person is able to remain physically and emotionally healthy the less likely s/he will need long term skilled nursing placements or changes to their home situation.  In this area we focus on teaching healthy eating/nutrition, food preparation, exercise and remaining active through sports, gym memberships, walking, etc… and the development of a variety of leisure activities.


Social-Emotional Skills:  DIGNITY.  RTR utilizes Positive Behavior Support (PBS) intervention and prevention strategies to help teach everyone involved in our programs to be more effective in managing their emotions and in their social relationships.  This is an empirically-supported approach which combines the science of applied behavior analysis with the philosophy of self-advocacy and inclusion which has been a core foundation for the community-based human services system for the past 40-years. 

QUALITY.  RTR is proud of the fact that our Opportunities for Positive Transitional Services (OPTS) have received the highest level of accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), a prestigious, internationally-recognized organization as well as the state Department of Developmental Services’ Licensing and Certification process.